Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Buddys pondering

1. Whilst sitting on my deck pondering one of the world’s great questions "what does the term flexible learning mean to me" my dog and I came up with the following...

Flexible learning is about using the tool that works rather than the tool that is expected. It is about opening your mind to other possibilities and thinking outside the square to nudge both students and teachers towards the desired outcome. 
Karen Corcoran, OP Flexible learning 2013

2. I am finding that is necessary to use a more flexible approach to my work the longer I do the role. My students are an incredibly diverse bunch, I've had everyone from a 68yr old builder through to an 18yr old ski patroller, because of this there is a huge difference in both learning style and learning mentality, (the first is definitely easier to address then the second). Flexible learning will push the students comfort zones, it will allow each individual to feel and experience the topic in a way that may help them to understand it just that little bit better and as all of my students are self paced, distance learners it will also allow us to interact more, both as class mates and through student-teacher interaction.

3. What do I need to explore to help this happen?
I need to gain an understanding of -
  •   What flexible learning tools are available
  •  What context they are best used in
  •  How to use each tool
  • What application the tools are best used in (within the context of my subject)
  • Exploration
  • Which tools best suit....
o  My course
o  The way my course is delivered (self paced distance learning)
o  My students learning styles
o  My teaching style
o  Time and other constraints

4. GOALS!!!

  1. Help with the development of new flexible learning tools for the current online material.
  2. Encourage students to use different methods (such as a blog)for submitting material.
  3. Introduce video and photos as part of evidence gathering (instead of just attestations).

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  1. Fabulous definition! It just shows what you can come up with when the conditions are right. Thank you Buddy. :) I like the term "learning mentality" - it explains so much. What are the components of this 'mentality' in your experience with this group of learners?

    Your goals are very realistic and certainly achievable. I am looking forward to hearing more about your ideas for tools as they evolve. It looks like you are heading towards getting your students to set up Personal Learning Environments for themselves - blogs are great for this. A raft of tools can be linked to the PLE. This article - 7 Things You Should Know about Personal Learning Environments - is a good place to start.

    This video shows the PLE created by a 7th grade student - she shows the tools she uses to learn, and how she uses them, and also why a PLE helps her learn. It is a very good video, and all the tools she talks about are accessible and easy to use. Welcome to My PLE!

    What do you think - would your group of students cope with these sorts of tools?