Tuesday, 28 May 2013


My name is Karen Corcoran and I am an instructor and guide in the outdoor industry, I am currently working for the Mountain Safety Council as a program manager and also part time as a contractor for Otago Polytechnic teaching various avalanche courses, both hands on and via distance learning. It is a subject that I have a huge amount of passion for and is where the adult education side of things really gets going for me.
I have a wonderful husband named Ben and a two and a half year old hunterway/collie dog called Buddy, he is super active and constantly motivates me to keep fit (usually by digging holes in the lawn if I even consider missing a run - Buddy not Ben)

I love ski touring, climbing and trail running - in fact pretty much anything that gets me outdoors and breathing hard. I also love reading, drawing and making things out of recycled materials, my latest creation is a butchers block made from recycled rimu floor boards and old plumbers copper pipes.
I'm really looking forward to using this blog and discovering what I am able to do with it as this is a new medium for me and one that I can see has great potential for using as a teaching tool.