Tuesday, 28 May 2013


My name is Karen Corcoran and I am an instructor and guide in the outdoor industry, I am currently working for the Mountain Safety Council as a program manager and also part time as a contractor for Otago Polytechnic teaching various avalanche courses, both hands on and via distance learning. It is a subject that I have a huge amount of passion for and is where the adult education side of things really gets going for me.
I have a wonderful husband named Ben and a two and a half year old hunterway/collie dog called Buddy, he is super active and constantly motivates me to keep fit (usually by digging holes in the lawn if I even consider missing a run - Buddy not Ben)

I love ski touring, climbing and trail running - in fact pretty much anything that gets me outdoors and breathing hard. I also love reading, drawing and making things out of recycled materials, my latest creation is a butchers block made from recycled rimu floor boards and old plumbers copper pipes.
I'm really looking forward to using this blog and discovering what I am able to do with it as this is a new medium for me and one that I can see has great potential for using as a teaching tool.


  1. Great to have you in the course Karen. I have been rather tardy responding to your wonderful introduction. I see that you have a kelpie - we had a fellah called Rusty. yes his name reflected his gorgeous brown colour. He ran himself into the ground at the young age of 9, and we miss him very much. He regularly took off to the local dog park when young if the door was open. It was about 2 kms as the crow flies through paddocks, and he got there in about 5 mins flat! They are fabulous dogs and keep you on your toes alright.

    Your work with recycled materials is inspiring - so you are an artist as well eh? You might like to look at Jacqueline's blog about using recycled materials for art and creativity. She did a huge amount of research to find examples for the Education for Sustainability elective course in GCTLT. Special Topic Music & the Art of Creative Recycling.

    I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in teaching and recycling.

  2. Hi Karen
    I love the mountain/snow picture and I can relate well to the environment. I grew up in Switzerland and my family spent quite some time in the mountains, summer and winter, as my father was a member of an Alpine Club. Beautiful environment and sometimes very unpredictable.
    That butchers block sounds interesting. I sometimes think that if production of any product (except food) would be stopped, humanity could most likely manage to live quite constructively and creatively for a good many years by recycling what already exists :-)